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Publicação no blog de Paulo Henrique Amorim http://migre.me/8AQf

Saiu no Financial Times, em texto de Gideon Rachman:

The choice of Rio de Janeiro as the venue for the 2016 Olympics seems a confirmation of the mood of the moment – Brazil is on the way up; and the shine has come off Barack Obama, who turned up in person to lobby for Chicago only to see his home town eliminated early. It seems to be setback after setback for the US president at the moment – healthcare, Iran, the Afghanistan mess, unemployment up at nearly 10 per cent.

As for Brazil – never has the country been so fashionable. The Brazilians are hosting the World Cup in 2014 and now the Olympics, two years later. They provide the first letter of the much-touted group of emerging economic superpowers – the Brics. They are key members of the G20. In Lula, Brazil at last has a leader who is a recognised global figure. He gave the lead-off address at the UN General Assembly last month. (Just before Obama, symbolically enough.) And Brazil has also just discovered massive reserves of offshore oil. Oh lucky country!

“Com o noticiário dos Jogos Olímpicos, Copa do Mundo, pré-sal e participação nos BRICs, o Brasil nunca esteve tão na moda” (…) Finalmente o Brasil tem como líder uma figura reconhecida globalmente (…) Oh, país sortudo! ”

Saiu na Associated Press:

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — He is the Pele of politics, knighted the “most popular politician on Earth” by another contender for the title – Barack Obama. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva draws praise from Havana to Wall Street for an economic boom that has brought millions out of poverty. He has attended socialist rallies with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez less than two weeks after extending a fishing invitation to George W. Bush.

Now, after landing his continent’s first Olympic Games, the former labor leader with a grade-school education is seeing his star burn hotter than ever, leaving some to wonder about Brazil’s life after “Lula” – as he is known – when his term ends next year.

“Ele é o Pelé da política, o político mais popular da Terra, segundo Barack Obama. Lula é louvado de Havana a Wall Street e fez amigos de Ahmadinejad a Bush e Obama. Como será a vida do Brasil após Lula?”

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